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:: PrepareMe ::

About PrepareMe

PrepareMe is one of the top-notch and renowned online learning marketplaces  offering best in class online education to students across the globe.

Background started as an edtech organization being the part of DRC Systems, the parent company. DRC Systems offer a wide range of technological services and solutions for various web, social, mobile platforms, analytics and cloud. Our custom software development offerings aim to help you out when you get stuck with the technology landscape, be it platforms such as .NET or open source (PHP, Python, MySQL, PostgreSQL), niche packaged solutions like Yii, Zend, Magento, Drupal, TYPO3 or WordPress, or mobile platforms like iOS , Android and Windows mobile.

Vision and Mission

To reach out to millions of students and provide them flexible e-learning opportunities in turn continuously increasing their employability.

Presently Preparme works with 10K+ Passionate Instructors, 100K+ Knowledge hungry students and operates in 20+ Countries transforming learning experience worldwide. We wish to fourfold this in next one year.

Our values

Students first approach

Commit excellent course designing

Growth and Development

Mitigate the challenges of job seekers and thrive for continuous growth of students.


We believe in sharing revenue with instructors making them earn millions and at the same time increase employability


Create a library (global knowledgebase) that can be accessed from anywhere with minimum subscription fees.

Quality education

Provide quality education to students irrespective of the course enrolled


Our aim is to prepare our students in such a manner that they can deliver when they step into the industry.

Our target audience

Our target audience is really wide. We cater to more than million students worldwide right from housewives to professionals and anything that wide. Our motto is to reach out to people who are unable to learn through traditional learning eco-system and want to adapt to the flexible e-learning or online learning model.

Goals and objectives of PrepareMe venture

  • Provide online learning at affordable cost
  • Share knowledge about various streams that would in turn raise the employability of the candidates
  • Provide good job opportunities to the students through certified courses
  • Reach out to more than 100 million students in the span of two years
  • Be the largest online marketplace providing revenue sharing to the instructors and helping them enhance their livelihood

Why students love PrepareMe?

Courses lead to recruitment

The traits of courses are compiled to answer a need of the job market. Each lesson is carefully developed by professionals according to the criteria of the industry leaders.

Creative learning

From our think tank to students’ screen — we help students learn through videos, quizzes, discussions, articles, cool tools and game-like labs, like our 3D virtual molecule builder.

Learn with experts

Students get a chance to meet educators from top universities and cultural institutions, who'll share their experience through creative learning.

On demand

Students take PrepareMe courses at their pace, at home or in a cafe. They also earn Certificate of Achievement. Their virtual 'classroom' is open 24/7 and everyone is accepted.

Why instructors love PrepareMe?

Chance to give back to society

Instructors create their own course and share their knowledge with others for a life time. They make their presence felt globally.


Instructors earn millions with our platform by creating their personal brand. They get 100% of the revenue when they promote a course and 50% when PrepareMe supports it.

Exclusive support

We provide ample support in terms of IT infrastructure and tools to the instructors so that they can focus on their core – TEACHING!

Business model

We are an online learning marketplace (e-learning platform). Our business model works in a simple way. We have students wanting to learn and hone their skills, professional instructors who could design the right course and our platform through which we bring them together giving enough support in terms of tools, infrastructure etc.

Meet our team

We are a great team of forward looking and passionate IT professionals. With a zest to provide best in class technology solutions and online learning marketplace, our team of highly efficient professionals work day and night to make things happen.

“Team DRC is Teeming with Team Spirit!”

Call it research, professionalism, dedication or focused attitude, our team comprises all of these virtues. With some of the best educationalists in the country, our Prepareme team is world-class and second to none. Our advanced research modules enable tutors to actually go the extra mile and break the educational clutter pumping in fresh course structures for the students. Our teachers come from diverse backgrounds and discipline. All of them have one thing in common – They thrive for excellence in education.

Vipul Sutariya

Mr. Vipul Sutariya is the CEO of the DRC Systems India Pvt. Ltd. Vipul has a carrier spanning more than 18 years in various fields...
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Kathy Walter

Kathy has been proven leader of product/project teams and client experiences with exceptional communication, project planning, and issue resolution...
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Mahesh Sutariya : MD

Mahesh Sutariya : MD

Mr. Mahesh Sutariya has started carrier as in sales executive in export firm in Bombay, Serving a branch manager role in 1991-92 in Hong Kong...
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Kirit Gajera : COO

Kirit Gajera : COO

Kirit Gajera is the operations director and co-founder of DRC Systems, small-size software Solution Company. He started as technical lead after inception in late 2007...
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Hiten-Barchha : CTO

Hiten Barchha : CTO

A technocrat, Mr. Hiten Barchha is the CTO of DRC Systems India Pvt. Ltd. He is responsible for shaping company’s technology vision and focusing innovation across company...
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